Support the UTC

NC State provides a world-class education at a great value, including offering free academic support to students through the University Tutorial Center. The UTC’s programs provide challenge and support to help students become independent learners during their first years at the University. In addition, successful students are employed as peer tutors. These students receive nationally-recognized training in communication and leadership development.

Now you have an opportunity to participate in our efforts to enhance and expand UTC programs. Allow your tax deductible gift to support the University Tutorial Center. Thank you for your generosity!

Please send your contributions made payable to the “UG Tutorial Center Enhancement Funds” directly to our office at:

University Tutorial Center
Campus Box 7118
NC State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7118

If your employer provides matches for charitable donations, please send a completed matching gift form with your contribution. In addition, if you would like to donate for a specific designated use or would like further information about our programs to help you decide the best fit for your support, please call us at 919.515.3163.