Information for Instructors

What is the SI Leader’s Role in my class?

The SI Leader is required to attend all scheduled class times. During class, the SI Leader exemplifies a model student, arriving on time, taking appropriate notes and listening attentively. To increase visibility of your SI Leader, you may request that he/she help with class demonstrations or discussions. The SI Leader can also help pass out papers, handouts or tests. SI Leaders will not be responsible for grading student work or covering class for an instructor. These are responsibilities that should be reserved for graduate students or teaching assistants within the department.

How will students know about SI?

During the first few weeks of classes, the SI Coordinator or the SI Leader will ask to make a brief presentation to the class about SI. At this time, students will receive the SI sessions schedule for their SI Leader. The Instructor can suggest SI as an excellent resource for students who want to strengthen their understanding of course material.

How often are SI sessions held?

SI sessions are held three to four times per week, with each session lasting approximately one hour. Typically, sessions are held between 2-8 p.m., to accommodate the schedules of most students.

Can I observe an SI session?

Faculty observations of SI sessions are discouraged. We have found that when faculty members observe SI sessions, the tone of the entire session changes. Students don’t ask questions, the SI leader feels nervous and the focus is on the instructor rather than the SI Leader. Faculty are instead encouraged to keep open dialogue with the SI Leader about SI sessions, including students’ questions and areas of confusion. If an instructor wants to view SI first-hand, we do allow him/her to sit in on an SI session for a different course or section.

Can I find out which students are attending SI sessions?

Attendance at SI is voluntary and confidential. Of course, students may choose to tell you that they are attending SI. A report is available at the end of each semester, detailing the differences in course performance between students who attend SI and students who do not.

How can I request SI for my courses?

The decision whether to offer SI in a course depends on several factors, including class size, typical student performance, and budgetary restraints. Requests for SI sessions should be made the semester prior to ensure adequate time to locate, hire, and train qualified SI Leaders. Faculty members may recommend students they think would be effective SI Leaders for the course by contacting the Coordinator of Supplemental Instruction. SI Leaders are knowledgeable in the subject and must meet the minimum requirements for the position.