How much does getting a tutor cost?

Tutoring is free!  You must be currently enrolled in the course for credit and have passed prerequisite courses. If you switch to audit, you are no longer eligible for services.

Is tutoring available for all classes?

We offer various types of academic assistance for many 100- and 200-level math, physics, and chemistry as well as all writing and speaking needs. Each semester our pool of tutors changes, so there may be only a handful of tutors for some courses. It is best to come early in the semester since we operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

What types of tutoring are available?

The UTC sponsors three different types of programs: Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, and Writing and Speaking Support.
Weekly Assigned Tutoring: If you know that you will need two hours of tutoring per week for the rest of the semester, you may request Weekly Assigned tutoring. We will attempt to assign you to one tutor with whom you will meet for the rest of the semester on a weekly basis. This may be a group assignment. If you are interested in this option, please complete an online application.

Sign-Up Tutoring: If you do not want to commit to two hours of tutoring per week, you should request sign-up tutoring. After completing an online application, you may make appointments via phone (919.515.3163) or in person (Park Shops 101).  Please note this program is not available during summer sessions.

Drop In Tutoring: If you need immediate assistance, you should visit the drop in center located in University College Commons.  Please refer to our Fall/Spring Tutoring and Summer Tutoring pages for courses, days and times.

Supplemental Instruction (SI): This program is for students interested in peer-assisted review and practice sessions in a small group setting with selected undergraduate chemistry courses. SI sessions are voluntary and open to all students who want to improve their understanding of course material.

Writing and Speaking Support: There are two programs that offers assistance to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students.  These services are designed to help a variety of visitors with any piece of writing or speaking at any stage.

How much tutoring may I receive?

Most students can receive up to two hours per week per course for up to 2 courses. Please call 919.515.3163 or email tutorialcenter@ncsu.edu to get the pertinent information for your situation.

What should I bring to my first tutoring session?

You are expected to come with any books, pencils, notes, calculators you need for completing your course work. UTC tutors are not here to teach you new material, but to help you work through confusing material, therefore you should have attempted your homework and attended class before you come to your session.

What happens if I need to cancel a tutoring session?

You are expected to notify your tutor or the UTC office ahead of time if you cannot make the session. Cancelling the day of your appointment counts as a no show.  You will lose the privilege of having a free tutor after two no shows.

May I request a certain tutor?

Requests for a specific tutor will only be considered if there is a record of a prior successful working relationship with the tutor through the UTC.  Even so, we cannot guarantee requests will be honored.

Do I need to come to my tutoring appointment if classes are cancelled due to weather?

On occasion, weather conditions or other situations arise in which the decision whether to hold tutoring sessions is questionable. Students should be advised of the following policies in effect:

  • If the University cancels classes, all UTC-sponsored programs will also be canceled during that time frame.
  • If the University does not cancel classes but operates under the Adverse Weather Policy, tutoring sessions are assumed to run according to the normal schedule. However, individual tutors and students may opt to cancel their sessions if they feel conditions will pose a risk to their safety.

If you are uncertain whether your tutoring appointment has been canceled due to adverse weather, you may call the University Tutorial Center at 919.515.3163 or email tutorialcenter@ncsu.edu.

I have a learning disability.  Do you offer any services for me?

Yes, you are offered the same tutoring privileges as all students on campus. Students with documented disabilities are encouraged to register with Disability Resources Office (DSO) and notify the UTC of any accommodations recommended by DRO. We will provide reasonable accommodations for your disability.

How can I become a tutor?

Find out more here!

How much will I be paid as a tutor for the UTC?

The starting pay rate for all tutors of the UTC is $9.00 per hour. Pay increases will be determined at the end of each regular semester based on the number of training hours and tutoring hours completed.

What are the qualifications of your tutors?

UTC tutors are peer undergraduate students who made A’s in courses they tutor. Their overall GPA’s are at least 3.25 and they are either taking USC 210 this semester or have already passed the course. USC 210 is an introduction to college tutoring course in which students explore different effective tutoring strategies.

Where is Park Shops?

Park Shops is building #33 on this map of North Campus.